The PSQ Timeline

May 17, 1969

The Productivity Development Center (PDC) and 64 Charter members from a cross-section of the Philippine business enterprises formally ratified the Philippine Society for Quality Control (PSQC) constitution and by-laws.

August 12, 1969

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) officially approved the incorporation of the PSQC. This society was envisioned by the National Economic Council of the Philippines to help the Philippine industry in its efforts to produce better quality products and services not only for the domestic market but for the world market as well.

1969 -1979

PSQC co-sponsored several symposia and seminars with distinguished international and local speakers, such as Gen. Walter L. Hurd, Jr. of U.S.A., Dr. Farouk M. Fawzi of Rotterdam, Jan Albert Atzema of the Netherlands; Jan Jacobus Cappers, a Dutch Consultant on Quality Control, and Warburton Brown, a UNIDO Value Analysis Expert.


Dr. Joseph M. Juran was a speaker on “Upper Management and Quality” and on “Management of Quality Control.” Dr. Juran is known the world over as a lecturer, management consultant, and author of “Quality Control Handbook.” Dr. Juran gave valuable advices as to how the PSQC can become financially stable.

September 1974

Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, author of Ishikawa Diagram conducted a lecture-seminar on “Quality Control System in Japan.”

June 1980

Some PSQC members participated in a study mission to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Hongkong.

July 1980

A two-week study mission to Japan followed a seminar on QCC. This study mission was subsidized by Asian Productivity Organization (APO), with visit arrangements done by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE).

May 1981

President Dr. Miflora M. Gatchalian represented the PSQC to the 35th Congress of the American Society for Quality Control. The First Asia Pacific Conference on Industrial Quality Control was presented and accepted for international circulation. An ASQC International Liaison to PSQC, Gen. Walter L. Hurd, Jr. (1st PSQC Honorary Member) was appointed.

December 1-6, 1981

PSQC sponsored the first Asia Pacific Conference on Industrial Quality Control (APC-IQC ’81) held at the Philippine International Convention Center, Manila. Sixteen countries were represented and it was during this conference among Quality Control Organization Heads, UNIDO Advisers, and PSQC Board that the Asia Pacific Organization for Quality Control (APQCO) was formed. The PSQC was chosen to head an Ad Hoc committee and be the center for communication prior to having a formal organization.

PSQC boasts of having sponsored 8 national conferences including the Quality Control Week celebration and an International Conference, APQ-IQC ’81. PSQC, an affiliate member of American Society for Quality Control, also keeps close contact with the European Organization for Quality Control and Quality Control societies in Asian countries.

PSQ amended its Constitution and By-Laws to include Associate Individual and Sustaining Members. Sustaining membership fee went into a fund kept as “seed” money. Proceeds of the fund will be utilized primarily for the technical library project and possible support for publication, scholarship, and training programs and other related activities in the field of Quality Control education and training.


PSQC presented the formation of the Asia Pacific for Quality Control (APQCO) during a conference in Mexico.


Dr. Josefina C. Lugay, Chairman-Technical Committee of PSQC, and QA Director of Mead Johnson Phils., Inc. represented PSQC at the APQCO in Beijing, China.


President Corazon C. Aquino reaffirmed the third week of October of every year as a Quality Control Week in Presidential Proclamation No. 35.


PSQC launched the first Outstanding Quality Company of the Year (OQCY) annual award in cooperation with the Philippine Productivity Movement.

May 1988

Jimmy Jimenez represented PSQC at the 42nd Annual Quality Congress of the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) in Dallas, Texas.

June 1988

Represented by Zenaida T. Veloso, PSQC co-sponsored the US-ASEAN Total Quality Management Mission in San Diego and Los Angeles, U.S.A.


PSQC launched the National Quality Forum during the Eleventh National Quality Control Week in October held at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila.


The first PSQC’s Ugnayan Session was held at Astra Pharmaceuticals Plant in Paranaque, Metro Manila.

Japan Productivity Council gave a lecture on Productivity Gain-Sharing Scheme.
The scoring system for the OQCY ’90 and succeeding years was patterned after the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. In the same year, the concept of site visits to verify “claims” of nominated companies was implemented by the OQCY ‘90 examiners.

April 1990

Mr. Norbert J. Vogel, Group Manager, Quality and Customer Orientation Development of BHP Steel of Australia, shared his experiences in implementing Total Quality Management. PSQC Cebu Chapter was formally organized (currently inactive).

May 1990

PSQC was represented by PSQC’s Vice President Zenaida T. Veloso and Enrico Mina to the 4th Annual Quality Progress of the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) in San Francisco, California.

July 1-3, 1990

Mr. Allan Blackman of WD Scott conducted a seminar on Facilitating Skills for Continuous Improvement.

December 1990

PSQC fully paid its new office at Sunshine Condominium, Kamagong Street, Makati through the ‘Buy Me an Office” collective effort.


PSQC together with the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) sponsored an International Conference on Quality. Among the presenters were: Dr. AV. Feigenbaum, Dr, H. James Harrington, Dr. William A Golomski, Gen. Walter Hurd, Dr. Yoshio Kondo, Dr. Masaaki Asao, Messrs. D. Mangelsdorf, David Bailie and Steve Chalmers.

ISO 9000 was officially launched by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), jointly with the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), Philippine Productivity Movement and PSQC. Six UNDP Fellows from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam underwent a month-long training on Total Quality Management conducted by PSQC trainers.

The Angel Opeña Memorial Award was launched during the International Conference.


PSQC Youth Chapter held the first General Assembly at UST Medicine Auditorium.

PSQC collaborated with Private Investments – Trade Opportunities and PhilExport to offer “Institutionalizing Total Quality” seminars to small and medium scale exporting companies.
Together with AMREP International and Alan Griffin & Associates, PSQC coordinated an IQA-registered ISO Lead Assessors course with 15 participants.

President Fidel V. Ramos proclaimed the month of October as Quality Month.


President Fidel V. Ramos inducted PSQC Officers and board members at Malacañang Palace. PSQC celebrated its 25th Foundation anniversary commemorating the finalization of its constitution and by-laws on April 16, 1994. The constitution and by-laws was revised and ratified in the June General Membership Meeting.

President Zenaida T. Veloso and Dr. May Gatchalian with Chona Sano presented a paper on PSQC’s Campaign for Total Quality at the APQCO in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


PSQC started networking with other associations/organization by joining the Philippine consultative Committee for Standards and Quality (PCCSQ) for TQM promotions nationwide. The first program was for the Japan –ASEAN sponsored TQM programs.

April 1995

PSQC was represented by Chona Sano, Technical Committee chair, together with E.F Topacio, Jr. of Allegro Microsystems Phils., Inc. at the Taipei – Taguchi Seminar by APO, Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP)-PDC.

August 1995

Noel B. Querijero, Community Affairs Chairperson represented PSQC at the Taipei – Kaizen Seminar by APO, DAP-PDC.

August 1995

President Zenaida T. Veloso presented a paper on “Benefits of ISO 9000 Certification to a Food Plant” in Hanoi, Vietnam’s First Quality Conference.


The Juran Medal Award was created by PSQC as a joint effort with Philippine Quality and Productivity Movement (PQPM). The first awardee was Miguel R. Unson of San Miguel Corporation.

October 21 to 23, 1996

The 5th Asia Pacific Quality Organization Conference was held in Manila, jointly sponsored by PSQC, the PQPM, and the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP). It coincided with 8th NQF held on October 19-20.

October 3, 1997

Executive Order No. 448 established the Philippine Quality Award, signed by then President Fidel V. Ramos. The assigned implementing agencies are: PSQC, as administrator for private sector, DAP, as administrator for public sector and DTI, as award manager.

June 1998

Eleven trustees and members of PSQC joined the study mission in Taiwan on Improvement Approaches in TQM Practicing Organizations, jointly sponsored by China Productivity Center, APO and DAP.

June 3, 1998

Former President Fidel V. Ramos awarded the first winners of the Philippine Quality Award at the Malacañang Palace.

June 17, 1998

The corporate name of Philippine Society for Quality Control, Inc. (PSQC) was changed to Philippine Society for Quality, Inc. (PSQI).

August 14, 1998

PSQI established its affiliate, the Philippine Society for Quality Foundation, Inc. (PSQFI) with the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In 1998, the Philippine Quality Award Foundation was incorporated in May, with PSQ as one of the founders, represented by then PSQC president, Noly T. Cayabyab who was elected Treasurer.

August 19, 1998

SEC officially approved the change of corporate name to PSQI.
September, 1998: Ms. Zenaida T. Veloso presented her paper on “Creating Loyal Customers for Business Success” in Korea at the 6th Asian Productivity Quality Conference with Noly T. Cayabyab, Wilfredo S. Pineda and Mercedita G. Babiera.


The 30th year of the Society was commemorated with the production of “PSQ throughout the Years” in VHS tape.

September 2000

PSQI was represented by Zenaida T. Veloso, Cynthia J. Cabasag and Victoria Vallestero who each presented papers during the 8th APQO conference in Arizona, U.S.A

July 2002

Ma. Teresa U. Bagaman presented a paper on the implementation of knowledge management in the Philippines at the Symposium on “Entrepreneurship in Knowledge-based Industry” organized by APO in Taipei, Taiwan. This paper was included in the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Knowledge-based Economy: Challenges and Strategies” book written by Prof. Tan Wee Liang and published by the APO in Tokyo, Japan.


The first PSQ Challenge video award for students

September 13-15, 2004

The 10th Asia Pacific Quality Organization and the 16th National Quality Forum was jointly held in Manila.

September 27-October 1, 2004

Cynthia J. Cabasag participated in the Study Mission on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award at St. Louis, Missouri together with four other Philippine delegates from DTI and DAP.

May 2005

President Ma. Teresa U. Bagaman presented a paper on “Setting up and Benchmarking In-House Call Centers” in Bangkok, Thailand at the ASEAN Productivity Conference and Workshop on Benchmarking.

November 2006

Cynthia J. Cabasag participated in a Multi-Country Study Mission on Organizational Excellence in Singapore together with Conrad Iñigo of the Centro Escolar University.


President Angelica C. Fraginal and Rene Mayol represented PSQI at the APO Seminar in Mongolia.

June 2007

The Balik Baterya Project was launched at the Mid-year General Membership Meeting at the first project of the PSQ Foundation Inc. It is intended to collect used batteries in an effort preserve the environment. This is in partnership with Oriental Motolite Corporation and Philippine Batteries Inc.

October 9 to 10, 2007

PSQI and the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) jointly held the 20th NQF and IAQ Conference with a pre-Conference seminar on Oct. 8 and a post-Conference seminar on October 11, held at the Hotel Intercontinental, Manila.


Mr. Paul Borawski, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Society for Quality keynotes the 24th National Quality Forum. For the first time in Quality History of the Region/Philippines, there was an in-depth discussion of the results of the landmark 2011 Future of Quality study by Mr. Borawski. The theme of the study is “Emergence” which provocative questions about we want to do in anticipation of the future. It identifies and explores the critical forces that will shape the future of quality based on “stakeholder dialogues” and surveys sent to respondents worldwide. The Quality Manager of the Year Award was also launched.


PSQ celebrated the 25th National Quality Forum. It was highlighted by the awarding of the first Quality Manager of the Year award. The year was also marked with the launching of the Research Program initiated by Dr. Tes Mercado.

Dr. Holger Kohl, Director of Corporate Management Division of Fraunhofer Institute (IPK) of Germany and Secretary General of Global Benchmarking Network was invited as a keynote speaker to promote Global Benchmarking Network in the Philippines.


PSQ launched the 1st Philippine Benchmarking and Best Practice Competition in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry, Development Academy of the Philippines, University of the Philippines – Institute of Small Scale Industries and Global Benchmarking Network. This project was spearheaded by past PSQ Presidents and Project Director for Innovation and Benchmarking, Ma. Teresa Bagaman and Noly Cayabyab. The 1st Benchmarking and Best Practice winners from private and public sectors represented Mfg, Service, Local Government and GOCC. The City of Tanuaun received the runner-up Global Benchmarking Award from the Global Benchmarking Network in Abu Dhabi last November 24-25, 2014.


The winners of the 1st and 2nd Philippine Best Practice and Benchmarking Competition organized by PSQ, DTI, DAP and UP ISSI represented the Philippines in the 4th Global Benchmarking and Best Practice Competition organized by the Global Benchmarking Network. The Medical City (TMC) won the Top Prize which was held in Dubai last Dec 2015 and Texas Instruments won as Runner-Up in the 4th International Best Practice Competition held in the Philippines last November 2015.


PSQ collaborated with the University of the Philippines – National Engineering Center, UP Department of Operations Research, UP Lean Six Sigma Collaborative in developing and conducting the Professional Certification for Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. The course design was adapted from the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge of the American Society for Quality. PSQ has also collaborated with the Ateneo de Manila University on the conduct of Quality training programs starting 2017.

TMC’s award winning paper in Best Practice Benchmarking was also accepted by the Scientific Committee of World Health Organization in Vienna for oral presentation last June,, 2016 during the 24th Health Promoting Hospital (HPH) Conference held at Yale University, USA in collaboration with Yale-Griffin Research Center and Planetree Organization. Planetree is a nonprofit patient-centered care organization of hospitals and other health care organizations founded in 1978.

PSQ Objectives

The Society aims to promote quality awareness and practices in both the private and public sectors through seminars, conferences, publications and awareness campaigns, promote the development of members in quality leadership and technology, advocate total quality management and recognition of outstanding quality companies as a way of institutionalizing quality, link with international organizations for updates in recent trends and latest technologies.

Our Affiliations: American Society for Quality (ASQ), Global Benchmarking Network (GBN), Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO), Philippine Quality Award (PQA) of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries, and Quality and Productivity Association of the Philippines (QPAP), Inc.

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