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  • Robotic Process Automation Asia 2017

  • The next frontier of value-added business transformation and service delivery

  • Seen as the next frontier technology with the promise of greater speed, efficiency, compliance and cost savings, many organization are actively investing in Robotic Process Automation(RPA) to refocus organizational resources and workforce on value-added services.

    Yet, many early adopters in Asia face challenges in getting started from selecting the right processes, vendor selection to defining appropriate operating and governance models. Advanced players who are interested to roll out RPA on an enterprise-wide scale are also uncertain on the best deployment strategy.

    A 1st in Asia, the robotic process automation(RPA) asia summit will feature cutting-edge discussions led by early and advanced RPA adopters on how your organization can navigate this tricky terrain to ensure success for your RPA projects.

    Donwload the brochure at: http://bit.ly/2mluPPx

  • 7 – 8 JUNE 2017 | Singapore

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